Angelina Jolie showed how her phenomenally thin waist looks like

Fans immediately remembered the cult heroine performed by the actress — Lara Croft.

It was then an affair with Brad Pitt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and a divorce of the decade. But if you remember, the star role that brought Angelina Jolie crazy popularity is the fearless Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise. Signature look: a short black jumpsuit with shorts and sleeveless, in which the actress looked incredibly seductive. How not to lose your head!

It seems that even in the status of a great director and charity ambassador, Angelina sometimes yearns for those adventurous cinema times. Photographers captured Jolie at the exit of the business building in the most «cheeky» image in the last ten years.

For hot temperatures, the Hollywood mother of many children chose a crop top with an American armhole and wide trousers with tucks at a low waist. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, Angie demonstrated what a fantastic physical shape she is in — that’s what the expression «wasp waist» means!

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