Movie totals 2022: failures of the year!

We have prepared two lists for you: failures and breakthroughs of the year. Today we will talk about the most disappointing pictures of the outgoing year. Note that this is not a top in any way, but just a list, so the order does not matter at all — each movie disappointed the viewer in its way.

«Thor: Love and Thunder»

The character of Thor began his journey in the film universe as a dramatic Shakespearean character and then turned into an ironic character. In the 4th part, he simply turned into a buffoon.

The main disadvantage of the picture can be called strange humor, which not only does not make you laugh but also turns the whole film into a farce and clowning, resembling rather an unsuccessful parody of superhero movies.

«The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power»

In addition to the visual side, the show offers nothing, on the contrary, it ruins all the achievements of the trilogy of Peter Jackson and the father of the founder of the universe, John Tolkien.

With a priceless diamond in the form of a primary source and the reputation of Jackson’s films, Amazon managed to show a complete failure in almost all directions.

Disregard for the lore of the universe, total miscast with almost all the characters (especially with Galadriel), dialogues that seem to have been written by a 10th grader, etc., etc…


A lot of people were waiting for the movie because of the cast.

It’s not every day you can meet such a mega impressive cast: from Christian Bale with Margot Robbie, to Anya Taylor Joy with Robert De Niro.

These names alone on the poster, as it were, guarantee the success of the picture, but there is one problem.

The film turned out to be so strange and incomprehensible that the viewer simply did not go to the cinema.

The picture with a timekeeping of more than 2 hours turned out to be a dull and boring tragicomedy, and the audience who went to the cinema probably just longed for its end.


«Morbius» turned out to be so formulaic, unoriginal, and secondary, that even after going out for re-rental, he disgraced himself even more.

One of the main actors (Matt Smith) said in an interview that he did not understand who he was playing.

The plot and the script seemed to be written not even ad hoc, but simply filled the paper with words.

The movie is so bad that it doesn’t even fall under the »so bad that it’s even good…» category. It is bad, and period.

«The Fall of the Moon»

Roland Emmerich lost his fuse and energy, showing the viewer an insanely stretched and incredibly dull film consisting of solid cliches.

In fact, the plot of the film is completely secondary, the whole main idea is a collection of cliches from many other similar films.

And in other aspects, it seems that the whole film crew seemed to argue which of them would do the worst job.

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