Celine Dion drops from Rolling Stone’s list of 200 greatest singers of all time

Rolling Stone magazine has released a list of the 200 greatest singers of all time. The negative reaction from readers came after they noticed that Celine Dion’s name did not appear on the hit list, despite her incredible vocals and tremendous international career.

Rolling Stone said its parameters were “originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy.”

The top 25 singers in Rolling Stone’s rankings are:

Aretha Franklin

Whitney Houston

Sam Cooke

Billie Holiday

Mariah Carey

Ray Charles

Stevie Wonder


Otis Redding

Al Green

Little Richard

John Lennon

Patsy Cline

Freddie Mercury

Bob Dylan


Elvis Presley

Celia Cruz

Frank Sinatra

Marvin Gaye

Nina Simone


Smokey Robinson

George Jones

Mary J. Blige

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