How to preserve quality of hair in cold season

The editors of Marie Claire magazine have identified several ways to maintain hair quality during the fall and winter season.

The keys to keeping your hair beautiful and healthy during the cold season are:

Eating right

The intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are included in the quality products, will help maintain the elasticity and shine of the strands. Particular attention should be paid to B vitamins, zinc and biotin, which are responsible for thick hair.

Gentle methods of styling and coloring

The editors emphasize that the state of your hair can be saved with the right products.

The experts of the Marie Claire portal also named three signs of inappropriate haircuts. First of all, they advised girls with round faces to choose hairstyles of medium length with vertical lines, which will help hide the roundness of the cheeks.

At the same time, the owners of rectangular faces and pronounced cheekbones are more suitable for asymmetric and layered haircuts. Also, experts noted that oily skin and short hair will not get a voluminous style, and curly strands will require styling products and suitable haircut cascade.

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