The couple adopted an abandoned kitten and surrounded her with love and tenderness

Kittens are special animals, they like to be the center of attention.

They can serve people very well as pets.

Today’s kitten looks pretty pathetic. While he lived in a shelter, almost no one approached him, he was, as it were, abandoned by everyone.

Nobody wanted to take an ugly cat, he was very neglected. This poor cat was rejected several times and moved from shelter to shelter.

The kitten was Monty, who was so kind and loving no matter what. But when the couple saw this wonderful creature in the shelter, they knew that Monty would become part of their family.

The couple who adopted him think that Monty’s looks make him special and they love him even more. None of them deserve to be treated badly.

The kitten’s family really appreciated his character in him, he loves his parents as much as it is possible to express.

He is always happy to cuddle and cuddle with his owners. They believe that Monty is a charming, sweet creature who can make your day better.

Monty loves to hug his master at night to keep him warm.

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