The world’s first septuplets. They are already 25 years old. How have they changed over the years?

It is no secret that the birth of children is one of the most important events in the life of any family. Sometimes two babies are born at once, less often three, and the case that we will talk about today is simply unique.

A married couple who had one child decided on in vitro fertilization (IVF) and in November 1997, the world’s first septuplets were born in one of the US maternity hospitals: four boys and three girls!

And most importantly, all the children survived.

The event, which was widely discussed in the media, and the happy parents, the married couple Kenny and Bobby McCaughey, were congratulated by phone by Bill Clinton, who at that time was the President of America.

In addition to congratulations, the McCaughey family received many gifts from the state, including a spacious house, a roomy car, a huge number of diapers with a two-year supply.

And when the children grew up, they got the opportunity to study for free in college and state university.

Another important detail: Kelsey, Alexis, Natalie, Nathan, Kenny, Brandon and Joel were born nine weeks ahead of schedule.

The doctors who monitored McCaughey’s condition insisted that Kenya leave one or two embryos, since, according to experts, the woman had little chance of bearing and giving birth to all children healthy.

But Kenny did not want to hear anything, she decided to rely on the will of God.

And on November 19, 1997, she gave birth to seven children. True, two of them, Alexis and Nathan, were born with a serious illness — cerebral palsy, and they had to undergo several operations.

As the mother of the children says: “Time flies quickly. So many things have happened during this time. There was joy, and sorrow, and pleasant moments; there was a time when the nerves were not the limit.

Today the children are 25 years old. Of these, only two remained to live in their hometown, and four left for another state.

Joel, for example, became a truck driver, Alexis became an elementary school teacher, Kenny works in the construction industry, one of the brothers became a soldier …

As the children’s father says: “I don’t think there is anything to regret in our situation. There is only joy, pride and happiness.”

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