British man suffers from itching for long time because of tap water

British resident John Junior suffered for a long time from eczema, migraines and ill health because of tap water. But he found an unusual way to get rid of discomfort, The Sun reported.

For a long time, the cause of the ailment remained unclear to the 34-year-old IT consultant. To determine what exactly causes his itching and headaches, he tried to exclude various foods from his diet and gave up many everyday habits, until he came to the conclusion that the tap water was to blame.

The man claims that once he stopped using the tap water, his condition improved significantly. To no longer come into contact with the irritant, he had to look for an alternative. For the past five months, the Briton has been bathing and washing his clothes in bottled drinking water. He spends 360 pounds sterling (about 31,000 rubles) each month to buy it.

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