Selena Gomez admits to gaining weight because of lupus medication

Singer and actress Selena Gomez responded to criticism of her weight gain from her fans, Page Six quoted her as saying.

According to the singer, the weight fluctuates because of medication. «[When I’m taking it, I] tend to hold a lot of water weight, and that happens very normally. When I’m off of it, I tend to lose weight,» she explained.

Gomez urged her haters not to subscribe to her on social media or write angry comments about her appearance. «I just want people to know that you’re beautiful, and you’re wonderful. Yeah, we have days where maybe we feel like s—, but I would rather be healthy and take care of myself. My medications are important, and I believe that they’re what helps me,» the singer said.

In 2015, doctors diagnosed Selena Gomez with a severe autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and in 2017 she underwent a kidney transplant.

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