British Man Quits Life and Travels The World With his Pet Ferret

People grieve in different ways and there’s no surefire way to say which method is better than the other. We’re all human beings with our own character and the way we deal with things has to be tailored to our own personality.

That said, 25-year-old Charles Hammerton might have figured out the best way to grieve after tragedy strikes that will fit any and all personalities.

After losing three important people in his life – his mother, adopted mother and best friend – the Falmouth resident decided to make a drastic change. He left his job in the Royal Air Force and sold all his possessions. At the time he was living a very stable life with a good job, a nice flat and three cars. He grabbed the money and his pet ferret Bandit and went on a soul searching trip around the world.

He shared his adventures on the internet, as you do, and it truly looked like a wonderfully therapeutic experience. After visiting 14 countries together and returning to England, tragedy struck Charles once again.

A week after returning, his best friend Bandit passed away. He started his own company, Adventure Bandits, that teaches kids to embrace nature and learn about themselves and wrote a book about his depression and attempted suicides.

The story of Charlie and Bandit has inspired tons of people all over the world to live in the moment and not to let the bad times get you down. It’s somewhat poetic that Bandit, who was an animal shelter rescue by Charlie, then in turn ended up somehow rescuing Charlie from the depression he was in. Hopefully Bandit is still hiking and traveling the world in ferret Heaven!

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