8 Most Hated Characters on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory had been a top-tier sitcom for twelve long seasons. It’s an almost impossible feat to achieve, but with so many interesting side characters, it became a reality. But not every minor character has become a fan favorite. On the contrary, viewers still despise some of them years after the show ended.

Here are the most hated characters in the Big Bang Theory.

1. Beverly Hofstadter

It was not until later seasons that the writers decided to make Leonard’s cold-hearted mother a bit more human, allowing her to develop more good qualities. In the beginning, Leonard doesn’t like spending time with his mother because Beverly is as self-absorbed and insensitive as Sheldon. But while Cooper often tried to be nice to others, Beverly considered everyone around her to be slow, dimwitted troglodytes, including her son.

2. Todd Zarnecki

Todd is the classic bad guy the viewers are meant to hate. He first hacked into Sheldon’s WoW account and stole his loot. Then, when the gang goes to his house to confront him, he steals the Klingon bat’leth brought by Sheldon and intimidates the gang, making them retreat and ask Penny for help. Luckily, despite her recent fights with Leonard, Penny has had experience with guys like Zarnetsky and knows that a swift kick to the groin can solve a lot of problems.

3. Ramona

Ramona is basically Sheldon’s biggest fan, which can be hard to understand, but people like what they like. She mercilessly taunted Sheldon by playing on his huge ego to turn him away from his friends, toys, and everything he held dear. When Ramona returned in future seasons, she tried to steal Sheldon from Amy, confirming she was just a terrible person.

4. Mrs. Fowler

Do you remember Amy’s mom at the beginning of the show? She was a soft-spoken older woman who only wanted what was best for Amy. In later seasons, the remarkable Kathy Bates played Mrs. Fowler, who made the character’s personality much more obnoxious. She now became a possessive, controlling, distrustful woman who tried to stop Amy from marrying Sheldon.

5. Alicia

Penny is used to being the queen of her group of nerds, so she felt a clear threat when hot young actress Alicia walked into the building, and the guys were immediately head over heels for her. Alicia was clearly using the nerds, flirting with them slightly and leading them on in exchange for their services. When Penny finally confronts Alicia about her manipulative behavior, it leads to an unforgettable catfight on the stairs.

6. Jesse

In a show filled with overtly pretentious characters, Stuart was perhaps the most miserable of them all. That’s why it was even more awful when Jesse, a much more successful comic book store owner, mercilessly ridiculed Stuart, using his failed business and his looks as ammunition. Despite only showing up a couple of times, the audience still hates her with a passion.

7. Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Campbell

Pemberton and Campbell were arguably the biggest baddies in the show’s history, although they only appeared in the final season. The academic duo almost swindled Sheldon and Amy for a Nobel Prize. Despite acknowledging that the results of the research they did was accidental, the pseudo-scientists weren’t even sure what they had found. They really wanted that Nobel Prize even thought they did not deserve it.

8. Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy started out as a supporting character portrayed in a very unfavorable light. At the lime, she was just as weird and quirky as Sheldon but without any of his good qualities. Everyone but Sheldon hated her, including the audience and Penny, who generally loves everyone. Thankfully, Amy later got a lot of much-needed character development, making viewers relate to her more.

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