The popular guitarist bids farewell to fellow music lover, Maple

Trench, a fingerstyle guitarist, has shared videos where he covers popular songs while his trusty sidekick, Maple, watches in delight.

On June 17, Maple crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Trench composed a heartfelt farewell to her. He also shared a cover of “What A Wonderful World”.

“Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my best friend. Maple passed away peacefully during the night as I held her in my arms. We spent every moment together for over 12 years, doing everything together. I adopted her from a shelter and the first time I met her she threw herself at me, jumping into my arms, wagging her tail so hard and with a smiling, loving face.

We had so many adventures together, and she was always there for me with her unconditional love in difficult times. Music helped calm and comfort her, especially when she was anxious during thunderstorms and fireworks, so I played for her to help calm her down. She lay down next to me, her head on my knees, and listened to the guitar until she fell asleep. I feel so lucky to have had her in my life, the bond we shared is indescribable.

I love you Maple”.

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