Kind people, ancient history and tasty barbecue. The adventures of Chinese student in Armenia

Michael, the 20-year-old student of Harward university has been for almost 40 countries, but what he saw in Armenia, has impressed him a lot. The Chinese student has learned about Armenia from his 80-year-old Grandfather, who has studied in Russia in 1950s. But the decision to come and see Armenia he made after meeting his Armenian friend at the University.

«I later discovered my university had an internship program to work in Armenia for 2 months at the Central Bank of Armenia, and I went because it looked amazing from the photos and articles I found online. I felt that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I decided to go!»- Michael tells STYLE.

The young traveller has shared his Armenian impressions by posting videos through the internet. He understands that people surrounding him know little about Armenia, that’s why he desided to reveal Armenia through his videos. Michael is very impressed by our history and the fact that Armenian people try their bests to mentain their culture.

«I am very fortunate to have been able to travel to over 40 countries. I decided to show Armenia in my videos because it was different from anything else I’ve ever experienced. I feel that most people in my community have never seen Armenia, so I wanted to share my great experiences with friends and family back home»,-he says adding. «Similar to China, Armenia has thousands years of history. From my perspective, Armenia has held onto its ancient culture and history very well, which isn’t always the case for many other countries. The people I met in Armenia understand their shared culture and history, and preserve the historic relics around the country».

Michael is especially touched by the hospitability of Armenian people. «I had great first impressions about Armenia because of the kindness of the people. Many of them had never seen a Chinese person like myself, but they were very welcoming in trying to help me have a great stay in the country. That was my favorite part about Armenia. I also enjoyed eating Armenian barbecue».

However, is there anything that Michael disliked about Armenia? Here what he answers. «One thing particularly noticeable about Armenia is the number of cigarette smokers. Cigarette smoking can be damaging to one’s health and has negative effects on surrounding people. I am currently working on bringing more electronic cigarettes into the country, which should improve the health of current smokers».

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