Adorable Deaf Dog Takes Care Of These Two Rescue Kittens As If They Were His Own Babies

James and Jacobi were given a rough start in life, but luckily the little kittens’ luck took a turn for the better after Alley Cat Rescue stepped in to help them.

When Alley Cat Rescue heard about two shelter kittens in need of help, James and Jacobi were not doing too well.

The kittens’ were weak and ill and in serious need of love and care.

Alley Cat Rescue

Alley Cat Rescue took them into their care, and carefully nursed the sweet little brothers back to health.

James and Jacobi proved to be incredibly sweet and affectionate kittens who were quick to seek love and snuggles from anyone they came in contact with.

Alley Cat Rescue

But above all else, they loved each other.

The two kittens were constantly keeping close to each other and it was clear that they shared a deep bond.

“James and Jacobi are best friends who want to spend every moment together,” Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Alley Cat Rescue
Once they were strong and healthy enough, the brothers moved to a foster home.

And there they found more love than they could have ever dreamed of, in the shape of a dog.

Pickles, a deaf, five-year-old pup, used to live in a shelter before he was rescued and given a new, loving home.

And now, perhaps because he knows all too well how confusing and scary it can be to be a shelter pet, he makes sure that every new foster that comes to his house is well taken care of.

Pickles loves to cuddle and is quick to show new fosters his love.

And when James and Jacobi arrived, they were so happy to receive such a kind and affectionate protector.

Pickles snuggled up to his two new wards, and the brothers were quick to return his love.
They cuddled the sweet pup and Pickles soon became their safe spot in life.

James and Jacobi thrived in their new foster home and grew into happy and energetic kittens.

They loved playing with each other, running around the house, and getting into mischief, but whenever they needed a nap or a quiet moment they would snuggle up next to Pickles.Pickles’s love and affection gave them the sense of security they needed to develop into the brave, sweet, playful young cats they are today.

After spending some time in their foster home – loving, learning and growing – the brothers eventually found their forever family.The brothers were adopted together and are overjoyed to spend the rest of their lives together.

Meanwhile, Pickles is so happy for his two fosters and he’s so proud over the wonderful young cats they’ve become.

And, like always, the loving pup is ready to open his heart to new little fosters in need, and give them all the love and care they need to thrive.

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