Bring a fire extinguisher! Anna provoked fans with a bold photo

The actress leaned forward and enthralled the people.

Anna Kendrick has always been a slender cutie who is not ashamed to flaunt her beauty. The brown-haired woman is not afraid of bold shots both on the screen and in life.

In the memory of fans, memories of the dress that Bella’s girlfriend in the movie “Twilight” tried on for the prom are still hot. A fuchsia-colored outfit with an immodest neckline exposed all the charms of the on-screen schoolgirl Jessica.

15 years later, the American actress looks even hotter. She gladly posts pictures from her vacation by the ocean. The sun and hot sand made the beauty shed all that was superfluous.

Here she is already taking a selfie in one black swimsuit, exposing the charms of the star. Fans almost choked, admiring the figure of a celebrity.

The American actress looks even better 15 years later. She enthusiastically shares photos from her beach holiday. The sun and hot sand caused the beauty to shed all that was unnecessary.

Here she is, already snapping a picture in a single black swimsuit, showcasing the star’s allure. Fans almost choked up when admiring a celebrity’s body.

“Amazing”, “You can’t be so beautiful”, “Look hot in this photo”, “Bring me a fire extinguisher,” they respond on social networks.

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