«Alice won’t make it to the hospital in time, say goodbye here»: I’ve just been driving doctors for free for some time, said the taxi driver

I work as an ambulance doctor. Being late for work, I hailed a taxi. We drove in silence. Then my phone rang. I see my friend is calling. It turned out that her 3-year-old son has a high temperature and the friend can’t bring down the fever in any way, so she decided to ask me for advice.

I explained to her what to do and how to control the situation. When we finished talking, the taxi driver tactfully asked me:

— Are you a doctor? — Yes, I work in the ambulance service. Do you need help too? — I smiled. — No — the taxi driver also smiled — I’ve been driving doctors for free for some time now.

I thought he was joking:

— Is this some new government program?

— No, it’s my own show. Just a year ago, an emergency doctor saved my child from death after a car accident.

— I see. But that’s just our job, our duty, we get paid for it, just like the Lord. Why should we give up our honestly earned money — I began to wonder.

— Of course, but it was a complicated situation. The doctor, being at the scene of the accident, broke protocol. The second ambulance team said that Alicja would not make it to the hospital in time, it’s better to say goodbye. However, this doctor decided to operate on the spot. The daughter still has a huge scar on her neck, but she is alive, and the grandchildren have not lost their mother.

That doctor was later fired for not working as instructed. He went to his city and now he saves people there. Now I feel it’s my duty to somehow repay God for having that man on shift at the time. That’s why I drive doctors for free. I don’t know who’s really good and who’s bad and it’s not for me to judge. That’s why I don’t take any money from doctors!

I didn’t want to argue with him. Not because I was greedy and glad I had saved up. I did not know what to say.

In our profession, indeed, there are different people, but if I was in that doctor’s place, I would also save a man knowing that I would be fired!

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