A singer’s story. Arsen Shakhunts

«Girl, stop!» the performance made a real boom at the time, becoming one of the main hits of that year. To this day, it remains one of the most played songs at happy events. Arsen Shakhunts, the author and performer of the song, continues to release new songs one after the other, which also become real hits. The total views of Shakhunts’ videos on YouTube alone reach 303 million, and from the comments section of his videos, it can be understood that the singer’s audience includes representatives of various nationalities. Users from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and even Azerbaijan leave comments.

One of the most famous works of Shakhunts is the performance «Goodbye, до свидания», whose music, lyrics and instrumentation are authored by the singer himself. The views of the video of the song reach 23 million. In addition to the fact that the song is played during various concert programs and events, it is also quite popular on social platforms. A number of celebrities shared this performance on their social platforms.

The song attracted not only the sympathy of the Armenian audience, but also gained widespread popularity in Russia. The performance was also performed during Andrey Malakhov’s program «Песни от всей души», receiving enthusiasm and positive comments from the audience.

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Having many cover versions is one of the main proofs of the success and wide popularity of Shakhuntsi’s song, as well as the others. By the way, covers were presented by representatives of various nationalities, which shows that Arsen Shakhunts’ audience has a wide geography.

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