«Son Got Married And Demanded Me Mortgage For Them»: But I Couldn’t Stand Such Insolence

I raised my son alone: ​​my husband left us before the child was three years old. When Lukasz was 22 years old, he met a girl who became pregnant, so they got married. Nine months later, a miracle baby was born.

The son and his wife Maja live with her grandmother, who has a very difficult character due to her age. Maja’s grandma often quarrels with the young ones because the child is constantly crying, and the granddaughter does not always tidy up the house, because she takes care of the small child. I get it, I went through it myself.

The son and Maja began to quarrel often because Łukasz has problems with work — he works in one place for no longer than three months. “Mom, it’s not my fault that I’m not appreciated at work. My boss says I’m often late. After all, transport is bad, if I had a car, I wouldn’t be late,” the son excused himself. He’s lazy, just like his father. He barely graduated from school and never even tried to go to college. My daughter-in-law, on the other hand, is a hardworking girl. When the child turned one year old, she found a remote job to earn at least something.

Recently, my son often comes to my house and stays overnight. He said that Maja puts pressure on him, that he wants to move out of his grandmother’s house. “Mom, why should we rent an apartment? We will only lose money. Why don’t you take a mortgage for us? We’ll pay it back ourselves, you won’t lose anything. We simply do not have the possibility of taking a loan at the moment, my son begged.

I realized that if they didn’t move and live on their own, they would probably get divorced because they couldn’t find a common language. Added to this is the grandmother who constantly argues with them about the child … I offered them to live with me, but my son did not agree. I don’t know whether to agree to take the loan or not. After all, I am aware that my son is lazy, he will lose his job again and I will have to pay off the loan myself…

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