«Brother sent money to his sisters to help elderly father»: But he soon found out the truth

Mr. Grzegorz still could not get used to the new place. Life is unpredictable. The former director of the plant, father of three, never imagined that in his old age he would live in a retirement home.

But his life used to be fun and interesting, full of joy and prosperity. He had a well-paying job, a fairly large apartment, a car, a wonderful wife and three lovely and wonderful children. Grzegorz and his wife raised a wonderful son and two beautiful daughters. They were loved and respected by all.

Their lives were full of prosperity. Only now, with the passage of years, did Mr. Grzegorz notice some shortcomings in the upbringing of his children. Although he and his wife tried to raise their children to be good people. Unfortunately, his wife passed away 10 years ago. Then came the time when the aging father turned out to be completely unnecessary for his three children. Son Aleksander 10 years ago went to work abroad, to Portugal. He got married there and has a good job. Once a year he comes to Ukraine to visit his father and sisters. In recent years, he comes less often, he does not have much free time.

The daughters live close by, but they are always busy, as each has her own family, her own affairs and her own worries. The elderly man sadly looked out the window — it was snowing. December 30. People and their friends were preparing to celebrate the New Year. Everyone was returning home carrying gifts for loved ones. Someone was in a hurry, carrying beautiful Christmas trees home, and Mr. Grzegorz closed his eyes and smiled. He suddenly remembered how fun Christmas had been in their family, his wife had tried so hard to arrange everything beautifully. Relatives always came. Tomorrow was also his birthday.

The birthday he meets for the first time alone, no one will wish him, no one will even remember him. Nobody needs it. This is how the whole day passed. The next morning, relatives of the elderly began to gather at the retirement home. Some people took their children home to celebrate, some were brought lots of goodies.

Suddenly there was a knock on Mr. Grzegorz’s door. — Please come in! said the surprised man. — Happy New Year! Happy birthday! The voice sounded so warm and familiar. Mr. Gregor immediately smiled. His eldest son, Alexander, immediately cuddled up to him. Mr. Grzegorz did not remember how many years had passed since they saw each other for the last time. What a handsome man!

— Alexander, is that you? Am I dreaming? Father asked in surprise. He was so pleasantly surprised that he couldn’t say more. — Dad, it’s me, of course I am. I came here yesterday, I wanted to surprise you. Why didn’t you write that the sisters put you here? I sent them money every month, good money that was meant for you. They didn’t tell me anything. I didn’t know you were here.

Dad, pack your things quickly. I’m booking tickets. We have a train tonight, we’ll go together. For now, we’re staying with my wife’s parents. We will arrange all the necessary documents. You will fly with us to Portugal, we will live there together. — Where, son? Am I too old already? What Portugal, what foreign? — Mr. Grzegorz was genuinely surprised by his son’s proposal.

Don’t worry, my wife is a very good person, she already knows everything, understands everything and is already waiting for us. You probably want to meet your granddaughter! — Alexander, I can’t believe it. It’s a real surprise, — the man couldn’t believe it. «I won’t leave you here any longer. You don’t deserve this old age, Dad! Pack up and come with me.

— What a wonderful son Mr. Grzegorz raised! Such a nice man, said those who saw and understood what had happened. Alexander later took his father with him to Portugal. Yes, the older man started, so to speak, life anew. Among close, good people. It’s true what wise people say: «Only in old age will we know if we managed to raise children well.»

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