Investor Sergey Kosenko and singer Sasha Belair will become parents

Just recently it became known that investor Sergey Kosenko is in a relationship with Sasha Belair. Then the couple shared the touching details of the origin of their relationship, and six months later, the lovers realized that there was no longer any point in hiding from fans.

On the eve of the star couple visited the Cannes Film Festival. It was there that the singer appeared with a rounded tummy, which was hard not to notice. However, we note that the girl’s pregnancy is in her face, and Sasha looked very fresh!

Some fans were so surprised by such a quick turn of events and admitted that they had a slight shock, but it soon gave way to enthusiastic emotions. And we fully support the fans!

So, now Sasha, after such a spectacular announcement of an imminent replenishment in the family, is already accepting congratulations with might and main, and is also preparing for the next day of the film festival.

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