«Jimmy, Jimmy, acha, acha!» This is how 13 Bollywood stars were transformed, whose faces every fan of Indian films can easily recognize

Of course, Indian films have a special charm. There is not a drop of anger or hypocrisy in them, and they almost always delight with a happy ending. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Bollywood projects are so loved in many countries of the world. Despite the lack of expensive special effects and a multi-component plot (Bollywood projects have always been famous for their simplicity), they penetrate to the core and stay there forever.

Of course, all this magnificence would not have happened without the talented actors who put a lot of effort into bringing their characters to life and telling their stories. We suggest you take a look at how the most popular of them look today. In addition, we mentioned some films in which you could meet these actors (to make it easier to refresh your memory, so to speak).

Mithun Chakraborty

Amitabh Bachchan

Where filmed: «Revenge and the Law», «Solar Dynasty», «Lovers»

Hema Malini

Where filmed: «Zita and Gita», «Revenge and the Law», «Dream Girl»

The actress, who played the role of the twins Zita and Gita, is well known even to those who are very far from Indian cinema. The project brought Malini worldwide fame, which is still bearing fruit. Today, the actress is engaged in political activities.

Salman Khan

Where filmed: «Spouse», «I fell in love», «Love without memory», «Who am I to you?»

Salman Khan made his debut in The Spouse, not I’ve Fallen In Love as many mistakenly believe.

Jaya Prada

Where filmed: «Native Child», «Struggle for Life», «In a Trap»

Jaya Prada has been engaged in an acting career for a long time (the actress brilliantly coped with all the proposed roles). However, after the 90s, she decided to go into politics.

Bhanurekha Ganeshan (Rekha)

Where filmed: «Lord of Destiny», «You’re Not Alone», «Thirst for Revenge»

Rekha started her career at a very young age. Then the girl was only 12 years old.

Shah Rukh Khan

Where filmed: «The Rookie», «Circus», «Witch’s Enchantment»

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the few Indian actors who is known all over the world.

Rakhi Gulzar

Where filmed: «Ram and Lakhan», «Ties of Love», «Good Name»

Jackie Shroff

Where filmed: «Villain», «The King in Love», «Three Angry Men»

Aishvaria Rai

Where filmed: «And they fell in love», «Homecoming», «Forever yours»


Where filmed: «The Unabducted Bride», «Playing with Death», «No Joking With Love»

Kajol is one of the most titled Indian actresses.

Prem Chopra

Where filmed: «Bobby», «Beloved Raja», «Destiny»


Where filmed: «Zita and Gita», «Beloved Raja», «Flower and Stone»

If you suddenly do not know, then this is the husband of actress Hema Malini (the one who played Zita and Gita).

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