A story that touched the heart

The Christmas holidays are just over. Probably, everyone is already tired of the stories associated with Christmas. But this story is an exception to the rule. I advise you to take napkins with you.

Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, lost a beloved resident last year.

At 87, Ken Watson was a fun guy.

In an interview with Wales Online, neighbor Owen Williams recalled: “We moved into the street three years ago and decided to look around and get to know all the neighbors. Ken was not at home that day, but the next day we heard a knock.”

I went to see what happened there, and there was Ken in a navy suit. He bounced in front of the house at the top of a twenty-pound ladder. Then he was 83. It was typical for him, honestly.

Since he did not have any grandchildren of his own, Watson enjoyed himself with the neighborhood children during the holidays.

Unfortunately, this year, after his death, the area was quiet and sad.

And then on December 16, Williams heard a knock on the door.

Opening the door, he saw Watson’s daughter standing there with a plastic bag. However, what was inside would instantly melt his heart.

The bag contained gifts that Watson had bought for William’s two-year-old daughter, Cudi. There were enough gifts for the next fourteen years.

The family was touched by the deceased neighbor’s gesture. «He always told us he would live to be 100, so these gifts would lead him to our little girl’s 16th Christmas,» Owen told Wales Online.

After opening the plastic bag, Williams shared the story on Twitter, writing: «Our elderly neighbor recently passed away. His daughter stopped by a few minutes ago because of a large plastic bag.

«In the bag were all the Christmas presents he bought for ‘our’ daughter for the next thirteen years.»

Увидев подарки, семья не удержалась, чтобы открыть один подарок. Внутри была детская книга. Содержание других подарков остается загадкой.

A few days later, William wrote: “We are definitely going to open one gift a year until 2032. This will be our way of remembering an extremely generous gentleman.»

When Williams shared the story on Twitter, the world was moved by Watson’s gesture.

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