All my family members turned their backs on me. My sister wants to take my apartment.

My family is big. I live in Moscow, and they are in Penza. We often talk on the phone, they come to me from time to time. I spend all my holidays with them in Penza.

Last year I decided to become an investor. To do this, I bought a studio in a mortgage and decided to rent it out.

I work as an English teacher. In my free time, I take Skype lessons. I always have money and, in my opinion, it is worth investing in real estate.

Soon I started renovating my new studio. Invested all the money in this process.

It was a big event for me, and I gladly told my parents. They took advantage of the moment to say that my cousin would come to me for two weeks. I was glad as I had not seen her for a long time.

She arrived. A week passed, a second, a third, for a month now, but she did not want to leave. By that time, the studio was already ready, and my sister offered to live there.

I told her that I needed money, and since she does not work, she cannot pay me. She was surprised that I gave such an answer. I thought everything would be free for her. The next day, my aunt, my sister’s mother, called me and thanked me for everything that I took my sister to me. I told my aunt that I was going to rent an apartment, I needed money, but Lenochka couldn’t pay. She called me greedy.

Mom called a few minutes later. She began to scold and also called me greedy. In the evening, returning home, the sister said that she was not going to stay in Moscow anymore and announced that she was leaving.

Since then, none of my relatives have called me. They are offended, consider me ungrateful, stingy and greedy. But, you know what’s most interesting? Life has become much easier for me. I don’t listen to empty, unnecessary talk about others.

And I plan to spend the upcoming vacation in England, I will not go to Penza.

Here’s a story…

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