Modern women who will never have a relationship

In this article, I will talk about 4 types of women who do not have a relationship. The first type — «Lucky» Lucky is able to adapt to any situation. Loneliness does not bother her, she provides for herself, she communicates with friends, she has hobbies, hobbies. If it happens to be alone, she is fine with herself. She has a stable enough self-esteem to not react emotionally when people feel sorry for her that she is not married. She also has no relationship problems. The second type — «Runaway»

Loneliness for this type of woman is a way to avoid relationships. She is also well adapted in solitude, she provides for her life, fills it with events, takes care of herself, but she does this not because she chose, but because there is no other way. “Who else should be responsible for me? I don’t really need anyone but myself, and I don’t trust anyone.” Here, women’s self-esteem usually needs help, and, most likely, an unresolved problem is connected with the relationship, from which the woman fled into loneliness. If the problem is not removed, in principle, everything will remain so.

The third type — «Slave of love»

A woman of this type is afraid of loneliness, afraid that no one needs her. She is ill-adapted to loneliness, most of them, by the way, among single women. The problem may be related to entertaining yourself, providing for yourself, relaxing, feeling interesting to yourself. Loneliness causes anxiety, depression, it is bad without a man, as if not a woman.

Therefore, women of this type do not know how to wait, they choose from those men who are at the moment. They are prone to codependency, so men are jealous, control, try to somehow tie them to themselves, and men are repelled by this. In a relationship, they, too, by the way, are rarely happy for this reason.

The fourth type, finally — «Martyr»

Martyrs are poorly adapted to both loneliness and relationships. The case when “I can’t do it alone and I’m afraid in a relationship.” Everything will be a problem. Of course, this is the most difficult story. He escapes from loneliness in relationships, and then from relationships in loneliness, and so on in a circle. Men are not suitable, relationships are conflicting, constant disappointments are neuroses, and even worse is really very likely.

Here, of course, it is important to strengthen self-esteem, and learn how to take care of yourself and put cockroaches related to relationships in their place too.

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