False eyelashes, hair and bright lipstick: the stylist created a youthful image for the grandmother

And what would all women do without makeup?! How good is the genius who invented it, because thanks to makeup you can hide all your flaws and highlight your assets.

Aujourd’hui, nous voulons partager avec vous une transformation très inhabituelle de la grand-mère, réalisée par la styliste avec un maquillage de jeunesse.

To start, the woman’s skin was moisturized with a special cream and a sheet mask, so that the foundation adhered better.

It seems unusual. Then the makeup artist started applying foundation and shaping the face, because cosmetics are like plastic that can highlight and even shape certain features. The result was a very modest make-up, even false eyelashes and red lipstick were used.

There was another version of the trick. Judging by the smile, the woman gladly accepted this experience. She received wider eyebrows, vibrant eyeshadow and purple lipstick. The stylist also used fake hair.

And here is the final result of the make-up artist’s work. So what do you think? In the photo you can see that the grandmother is happy with the end result.

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