About the female character will tell … ice cream

Do you remember the famous joke in which Little Johnny asks the teacher which of the two women, in her opinion, is married: the one that bites ice cream, or the one that licks it? Jokes are jokes, but by the way a lady eats ice cream, one can, for example, determine the nature of her future relationship with men and her potential as a life partner, experts say.

So, on your first date, if possible, treat the lady with ice cream, or even better, take her to a cafe, order this treat and watch her! As a result, you will understand whether it is worth continuing the relationship, what to expect from them and whether this partner is right for you.

Ladies choosing ice cream in a cup, smart, reasonable and balanced. Such women are not very interested in romance, they are more attracted to the personal qualities of a man: intelligence, kindness, loyalty, sense of humor. It is from the lovers of this ice cream that ideal wives are obtained.

A woman who prefers waffle ice cream is very economic. Most likely, she will surprise you with her culinary abilities, she will make a wonderful wife and mother, but she is no interlocutor … It should also be borne in mind that lovers of waffle ice cream are prone to fullness and do not like to play sports.

If a woman chooses an eskimo, she is interested in sex. Popsicle lovers try to look good and dream of a man who can provide them with a comfortable life.

Having married, such ladies often give birth to lovers. They are very prudent: they begin to think about children only by the age of 40, while carefully choosing a father for their child: to be both handsome and smart, and be sure to be successful and wealthy … Those who prefer low-calorie ice cream like yogurt are sophisticated and

self  confident . They choose a partner with great care. A lover of yoghurt treats is usually an experienced, skillful and passionate lover. But at the same time, both in life and in bed, she will only do what she considers right, without regard to her partner.

If a woman loves chocolateice cream or sprinkled with chocolate chips, its goal is to take everything from life. Such ladies love to travel, go to restaurants, buy their own clothes. They usually prefer macho men.

Chocolate ice cream lovers themselves know how to please and are easily able to charm. But if you decide to go against her, for example, try to ban something, then hold on! In essence, such a woman is very windy, so she is not an option for a long-term relationship.

Ice cream lovers like «popsicles» are completely unsuitable for marriage. Family life is not for them, but they are able to achieve a lot in their careers. Such a lady looks down on men and builds relationships only with those whom she considers equal in status.

If a woman in a cafe orders ice creamdifferent varieties , then she is inquisitive and strives for a variety of pleasures. You should not, however, think that such a person will change men like gloves. She can stay with one chosen one, but her mood, tastes and interests will often change. In sex, she can pleasantly surprise you, as lovers of taste variety usually practice it in bed.

There are ladies who do not have certain tastes regarding the sweet cold. If a woman does not care what kind of ice cream is, she is decent, modest and chaste. She is optimistic about life and is able to enjoy any little thing, for example, good weather. Usually such women have no special claims to men. It is important for her to have a good attitude from others. By the way, not the worst option for a relationship.

Some men try to determine how good they are in bed by the way their potential partner eats ice cream. But in fact, the manner of eating delicacies does not depend on her sexual abilities and addictions, she does it in a way that is convenient for her. Eskimo is easier to lick, “fruit ice” is easier to suck, waffle ice cream to bite, and scoop out of a cup with a spoon and put in your mouth … So, in this case, ice cream is unlikely to reveal her sexual potential to you. Better to try than to guess.

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