Laughter, and only: what is the real name of the singer Klava Koku

The artist came up with a sonorous pseudonym.

When Klava Koka’s songs began to fly into the charts, the audience wondered where the singer got such a funny name from and what her real name was. It turned out that the girl invented only part of her nickname.

For the first time, Klava Koka appeared on the Internet when she began posting covers of famous songs many years ago. The young artist did not stop there and soon began to beat the thresholds of production centers and music shows.

Often, a pretty blonde was made fun of because of her ridiculous pseudonym. But it turns out that her real name is Claudia, her full name is Claudia.

But the surname of the artist is not Koka, but Vysokova . Just for the stage, she decided to shorten it and make it more sonorous and memorable.

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