‘Looks pathetic’: Kate Middleton and William’s bizarre kiss confirms worst guesses

A tender relationship is just a picture, they think on the Web.

Catherine Middleton and Prince William have again fueled rumors of an impending divorce. The Welsh people were suspected of a dirty game for the public: supposedly there is no more love between them.

The son of King Charles III won a polo match as part of the royal team. The wife went out onto the lawn to congratulate her husband on this event. Instead of throwing herself into her husband’s arms, Middleton only coldly clung to her chosen one, sending an air kiss. He didn’t want to hug either, just bowed his head towards her.

The gesture seemed extremely strange to the fans. They believe that the kiss was insincere and too distant. Some have suggested that Kate and William decided on ostentatious tenderness only because of the paparazzi around.

“Kisses like a mother, not a wife”, “If my husband kissed me like that, I would be very offended”, “As if they say:“ The camera is on us, let’s put on a show ””,“ I have already seen this one somewhere awkward kiss”, “Looks pathetic”, — write under the publication of the Mirror frustrated users.

Photo Source: Legion Media, Pixabay

Author: Andrey Aikin

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