Test your attention and intelligence։ test

Simple and complex, serious and funny logic puzzles with a trick will not only be an excellent brain workout, but will also cheer you up.

Want to find out how mindful you are? Then look at the work that the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas (Dudolf) came up with — a picture with elephants, among which you need to find a heart.

This simple (not really) task will help you get a little distracted and practice mindfulness.

Record the time and stop it as soon as you complete the task. When everything is done, do not forget to look at your result.

A heart is hidden in a crowd of pink elephants. Time has gone! How many seconds did you complete the task?

If it took you no more than 20 seconds to search for a heart. Excellent result. You have high intellectual abilities and excellent attentiveness. It was not difficult for you to find a heart of rather small sizes.

21 to 30 seconds. Excellent result. You have the ability to focus only on what is important to you, and also do not allow others to wreak havoc in your life. Your attentiveness and self-organization surprises friends and relatives.

From 31 to 39 seconds. Quite good indicators, but they say that you often forget when you complete a task, or allow yourself to procrastinate — this is the reason for the decrease in your attentiveness.

Over 40 seconds.You are obviously distracted by something, or you are just worried, and you can’t get rid of it in order to properly focus. Perhaps you can show a better result than this, but not now…

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