Weight loss diary: I will diet on public

Hi! My name is Ani, I’m almost 30. My weight is increasing every day, and in fact I was once only 79 kg with 169cm height. I am grateful to NEWS.am STYLE for giving me an opportunity to diet publically on their page. I think this will help me to finally return my old form. I no longer like myself, I often notice the admiring glances of my loved one, staring, alas, not at me, but at slim and beautiful girls.

It just seems that fat people do not have the willpower. All my life I dieted, ran in the gym and still gained weight. Then I met my soul mate, married, got pregnant and … started to lose weight rapidly. But with the birth of the child my difficulties began. A month later I got on the scale and saw that I already weigh 82 kg. And that is despite the fact that I ate almost nothing and kept walking with the baby. I could not understand what was happening, and began to torment myself and my body with hunger. It did not help. A month later, I weighed 88 kg.

Today my child is 2.5 years old, and I weigh 118 kg. If this goes on, a year later I will weight 130kg.

I will try on a diet that does not damage the stomach, and as nutritionists recommend, does wonders. And the idea that someone on the other side of luck mentally supports me will only help. So I welcome your comments and suggestions. Just remember that every offensive word can hurt, and I need the support, understanding and help.

I promise to show you my photos right after the first results!

So who’s with me?

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