Unusual ways to overcome depression

Things that have nothing to do with it at first glance play a big role in getting rid of depression. eating right, doing sports, sleep. However, sometimes that is not enough, and it is not clear how to proceed.

1. Keep a journal

Consistent journaling helps you assess the scope of the problem and better understand how to solve it. Journaling is especially helpful for perfectionists who often become depressed as a result of their high expectations. Moreover, if the inconveniences are repeated after a few years, it will be possible to build on the previous experience.

2. Make plans

Sometimes problems are compounded by the fact that one has too much free time to worry about them. In this case, it will help to fill the calendar days with certain tasks that will involve leaving the house. Programs should preferably be accurate and unbreakable. For example, a dentist appointment rather than a walk in the park.   

3. Contact with animals

It works for many, and the most obvious choice is not always the most effective. For example, the dog requires a walk. it is useful, but one likes to live on one’s own schedule. In all cases, contact with animals helps to relax and be carried away by more pleasant thoughts.

4. Help others

At first glance, it seems that the phrase «wedge is pulled out with a wedge» does not work in the case of depression. However, many people find it useful to make sure that they have not lost their strength and capabilities. You can help an elderly woman cross the street or contribute to a charity fund and feel like the day was not spent in vain.

5. Don’t move the alarm time

It happens that a person can’t get up from bed for hours and keeps pushing the alarm clock. Thus, he harms himself while accumulating guilt. Experts recommend to get up at once, open the window, drink a glass of water and start any activity. It will help to interrupt the age-related stages of lying down.

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