There is no trace left of the former beauty. Reporters have published photos of a rounded Julia Roberts.

From the early years of her career, Julia Roberts was considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. This title became firmly attached to her after her performance in the movie «Pretty Woman.»

At the age of 54, Julia Roberts seems to be experiencing the effects of aging. At least, that’s what internet users concluded after seeing recent paparazzi photos of the actress while she was on vacation.

Indeed, in the photos, the actress looks different from how she appears in movies. There is a noticeable roundness around her waist, and a little belly is clearly visible.

«Julia has lost her beauty,» «She’s not the same anymore, not a beauty,» «She used to be so slim, and now,» — negative comments like these started pouring in from critics.

«Gorgeous woman, and you all envy in silence,» «Absolutely stunning, everyone should look like that at 54,» «Take a look in the mirror at yourselves,» — rushed to the defense of the actress some loyal fans.

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