Impossible to watch: the sick daughter of Bruce Willis has changed beyond recognition (photo)

It’s heart-wrenching to hear this story.

Bruce Willis has been living with dementia for several years, unable to lead his previous lifestyle. And recently, it has been revealed that another tragedy has struck the family — his youngest daughter, Tallulah, fell ill.

It all started four years ago when the young woman was hospitalized with depression and an eating disorder. The medical professionals prescribed medications that eventually led to a severe weight loss. At one point, the heir of «Die Hard» dwindled down to 38 kilograms.

Only recently has Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughter begun to recover. Her body has regained a more feminine shape, and the unhealthy thinness has disappeared. Today, she recalls with a shiver how she used to look in the past. Now, the memories of that challenging period are mostly preserved in photographs.

«In recent years, I suffered from nervous anorexia that I didn’t want to talk about,» the American woman shared with her followers.

Photo source: Tallulah Willis/Social Media.
Photo source: Legion-Media.

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