«Bearded Armenian Man»: Rudova Introduces Her Beloved Man to the World (Photo)

«The Blonde Showered Her Loved One with Compliments.

Natalia Rudova has finally appeared on social media not alone, as usual, but embracing a man. She shares a lot with the rugged and bearded Armenian man.

It turns out that the actress didn’t just post a personal photo for no reason. The star of TV series congratulated the well-known director Sarik Andreasyan on his birthday. The blonde noted that she has been working together with the filmmaker for many years and she is simply delighted with this collaboration.»

«Sarichek, so many years in creative partnership. Always pleasant, talented, professional, honest, and fun. Thank you for being such a great guy. Happy birthday to you! Success in everything,» the girl wrote.

Photo source: Natalia Rudova/Social Media

Photo source: Legion-Media

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