«Amur and Timur — The Story of Friendship Between a Tiger and a Goat»

Indeed, animals are remarkable creatures that never cease to amaze us with their abilities and actions. What do you think about the friendship between a tiger and a goat? And this is not a joke, but a true story. Below you will find the story about this friendship.

The friendship between the tiger Amur and the goat Timur is probably a unique case of camaraderie between a predator and potential prey. Timur and Amur are residents of the Primorsky Safari Park. This exceptional bond between an Amur tiger and a domestic goat became a highly popular topic in the media back in 2015.

The story of Timur and Amur began in November 2015. The goat was brought in to be fed to the tiger. They were placed together in the enclosure, but when the tiger approached the goat, the latter stood its ground, bravely facing the tiger with its horns. Since the tigers in the park were often fed, Amur, in all likelihood, wasn’t particularly hungry and therefore didn’t attempt to eat the goat. Impressed by the goat’s boldness and fearlessness, they named him Timur.

The animals were not separated, and the goat continued to live together with the tiger in the same enclosure. Over time, Timur moved into Amur’s living space and even slept in his spot, but the tiger didn’t mind and yielded his place to the bold goat. Following these events, the park management decided not to separate the animals at all, as there was no threat to Timur’s life.

After a while, the animals started to roam and play together. This highly unusual and phenomenal occurrence came to be known as the «Friendship of Amur and Timur.» Information about it spread on the internet and gained immense popularity in Russia.

this, the official website of the safari park soon started receiving letters requesting the separation of the tiger and the goat. Many expressed concerns about Timur’s safety.

However, the friendship between Amur and Timur continued to strengthen, and their fame grew even more. A charitable fund was set up for the tiger and the goat, suggested by visitors to the safari park. Social media accounts and groups were created for Amur and Timur. The safari park’s website even began live-streaming the lives of the tiger and the goat. Such was the extent of the fame this unique friendship achieved.

Unfortunately, nothing is eternal. In January 2016, there was a quarrel between the animals: Amur grabbed Timur by the skin and pushed him down the slope, after which the goat needed assistance from specialists. The presumed cause of the aggression was the tiger’s irritability towards the goat’s behavior. Timur underwent successful treatment. In light of this, the management decided not to keep the animals in the same enclosure anymore. Former friends could now only see each other under the supervision of park staff.

There are various explanations for the friendship between Amur and Timur. The main one is that the tiger didn’t attack the goat because he was well-fed. The popularity of both the goat and the tiger became enormous, but not everyone viewed their friendship positively. Some were simply concerned about Timur’s safety, while others took legal action and filed complaints with the prosecutor’s office.

The story of the tiger Amur and the goat Timur became famous even internationally. Tourists from different parts of the world came to witness their friendship. In December 2015, a film director from South Korea began filming a documentary about Amur and Timur.

In 2016, the friendship between them inspired the creation of an animated film, a musical, and even a book. A presentation was held at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh) where they introduced a project for the «Amur and Timur» monument. The sculpture was planned to be installed on the grounds of the Primorsky Safari Park. Currently, the former friends are living their own lives on the park’s premises.

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