«Got into a mess again: Kirkorov caught in an unsavory act.»

«The pop king is not commenting on what happened.

Filipp Kirkorov’s shows are striking in terms of their budget. The star always has everything ‘expensive and lavish.’ Therefore, insider information about the state of his finances surprised fans.

It has become known that the singer’s debts to the Russian treasury have reached almost 3.3 million rubles. It’s unlikely that this fact can be attributed to accounting errors. This isn’t the first time the celebrity appears to be ‘bad at paying.’

The ex-spouse of the Primadonna was already listed among debtors in early July 2023. Back then, the media mentioned a sum of 2.1 million rubles. This is how much LLC ‘Filipp Kirkorov Productions’ owed without explaining the reasons, as reported by ‘Zvezdach.’ And for now, the owner of the newly toned figure is in no hurry with payments or explanations.

Photo source: Legion-Media, Unsplash

Author: Nikolay Pirogov»

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