Britney Spears rents the former house to her ex for $10,000 per month.

Britney Spears is covering the living expenses of Sam Asghari, who accused her of infidelity. Is she paying off her ex-husband or was she compelled to do so?

In mid-August, it became known that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are getting a divorce. The man admitted that he was tired of the constant tantrums of the star, especially since she used physical force towards him. Later, Britney and Sam officially confirmed the breakup, and Asghari even removed his ring. Britney decided not to grieve and threw a party with five young guys.

The fitness trainer immediately moved out from his wife after the announcement of the divorce. Initially, it was said that Sam was living in his own house. However, it has now come to light that the monthly rent for the mansion is being paid for him by Spears. Asghari resides in an upscale Los Angeles home, which costs $10,000 a month.

«Spear’s handlers deemed it a reasonable gesture. Sam’s lawyer is making noises that he will contest the prenuptial agreement, and it’s almost certain that Britney will cut him a check. Sources say the final amount will likely be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,» an insider reports.

The singer and the bodybuilder communicate solely through their lawyers. Insiders report that Sam Asghari might only receive cars and gifts after the divorce. Everything else remains with Britney. However, currently, Sam is unhappy with the terms laid out in the prenuptial agreement and intends to contest it. Nonetheless, his chances are quite slim. Interestingly, the contract includes a provision that forbids Asghari from disclosing details about his relationship with the singer. Despite this, Sam’s attorney, Neil Hersh, has already filed court documents requesting spousal financial support.

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