«This is too much already»: you can’t look at the emaciated Hande Erçel without tears (photo).

Fans believe that a threat has loomed over the artist’s health.

Hande Erçel’s fans can no longer contain their dismay. They are bombarding the celebrity with negative comments on social media, as her appearance is constantly changing for the worse.

The multi-million audience still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that the screen Eda is subjecting herself to diets. The star of the series «Knock on My Door» posted a series of new photos on her microblog, which further alarmed fans.

Erçel appeared in a short dress with an open back. She revealed thin arms, matchstick legs, and a back with protruding bones.

«She’s very beautiful, but too thin,» «Skeleton,» «This is too much already,» «It’s heartbreaking,» followers noted.

Photo source: Still from the TV series «Knock on My Door» (2020-2021).

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