Breakup cannot be ruled out: light shed on the challenging future of Lopez and Affleck.

At the end of August, the spouses celebrated their wedding anniversary.

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is constantly surrounded by rumors. Reuniting after many years and formalizing their relationship, they’ve made it clear that they still love each other. However, haters frequently attempt to prove otherwise.

On the topic of whether the constant breakup rumors about the celebrity couple online are deliberate, showman Slava Nikitin has spoken out. The host doesn’t share the opinion of those who predict an imminent end to their marriage.

According to Nikitin, this is the kind of married couple that sets an example of love until the end. However, a breakup still can’t be ruled out.

«Even if they break up and he only has three days to live, he will still call her. But I think now not even a comet can separate them. This magic will continue,» the TV host expressed.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Authors: Elizaveta Didenko, Sergey Galin

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