An Indian individual has filed a lawsuit against their parents for giving birth to them without their consent.

Antinatalism is a philosophy that opposes the continuation of the human race. According to antinatalism proponents, people only contribute to the destruction of our world, and bringing them into existence repeatedly is unethical and even criminal.

It was with these thoughts in mind that 27-year-old Mumbai resident Raphael Samuel decided to take legal action against his parents for bringing him into the world without his consent.

«According to my deep conviction, children owe nothing to their parents. Despite considering my own life wonderful, I fail to comprehend why I should live another life with its school problems, job hunting, and especially if nobody asked me to,» said Raphael Samuel.

Raphael aims to convey to his fellow citizens that people have the option to simply not have children. He urges Indians to approach their parents and seek a rational answer as to why they brought them into the world.

But Raphael is not alone in this, he’s supported by 34-year-old Alok Kumar — an antinatalism advocate who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the philosophy.

«I know many women who inwardly agree with me, but they can’t openly admit that they are willing to live without children. In reality, they simply don’t want to disappoint their parents, who dream of grandchildren,» says Alok Kumar.

Kumar himself married a woman with limited abilities who uses a wheelchair. His parents refused to accept such a bride and disowned him.

«Many people have children spontaneously, without planning them and without considering all the possible negative consequences of their birth,» Kumar explains.

Supporters of this philosophy are gaining more followers over time. And considering that our world is becoming increasingly dangerous, filled with suffering and misfortunes, could abstaining from procreation be the way to reduce the amount of suffering and unhappiness in our modern world?

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