«They wrongly spread rumors: they put an end to dirty gossip about Meriem Uzerli.»

«The whole truth about the actress has been revealed.

Meriem Uzerli, the star of ‘Magnificent Century,’ has both fans and detractors. And the latter often criticize the actress’s appearance, which, as it turns out, is unfounded.

Detractors unjustly accuse the celebrity of having undergone extensive plastic surgery to the point of being unrecognizable. Plastic surgeon Vladimir Plakhotin, in an interview with the PopCornNews portal, stated that the actress who portrayed Hürrem did not seek the assistance of specialists.

«Regarding this actress, I can say one thing for sure—she definitely didn’t undergo any plastic surgeries. She did lose a significant amount of weight, around 10-15 kilograms. She lost the extra fat, and her cheekbones became more pronounced. Her shape used to be round, and now it’s more defined. The most she did was plump her lips,» the expert declared.


Photo source: Still from the series ‘Magnificent Century,’ Legion-Media

Photo source: Legion-Media»

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