A 160-pound Tess Holliday appeared before fans in a colorful bodysuit, upsetting the paparazzi.

Model Tess Holliday is confident in her irresistibility. Tess is not at all complex because of her unusual appearance and boldly flaunts in stylish outfits. The other day Tess appeared in front of fans in a colorful body, upsetting the paparazzi.
Photographers did not even immediately come to their senses to capture the model.

«Isn’t she thinking about her son?», «Why mess herself up like that?», «Tess, you can’t do that», «How can you dislike and disrespect yourself like that», «I really like this girl but she’s messing herself up», «Beautiful woman»,

World's biggest plus size model Tess Holliday: "I'm anorexic" | HELLO! Russia

«It’ll burst soon,» «You have a little son. Think about him», «You need to eat less», «It’s as if she did it on purpose», — wrote Internet users in the comments under the post Tess Holliday.

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