«Sweet Curvy: Hande Erçel at the dawn of her career, and her own mother wouldn’t recognize her (photo).»

«Few people know that the star of Turkish series was not always slender.

The name Hande Erçel is known worldwide. Millions of girls probably wish to look like the star of the series ‘Knock on My Door.’ However, it is important to know that the refined figure did not come naturally to the celebrity. She endured hardships to obtain the body that the public now frequently admires.»

«At the dawn of her career, the future darling of the audience was not a slim figure. Sometimes, she had to endure cruel taunts from those around her related to her excess weight. But a few years ago, the Turkish artist decided it was time to get her act together and achieve the perfect figure. She made many sacrifices for the sake of beauty and professional growth.

It’s known that Erçel did not spare herself at all. She was ready to engage in sports five days a week, walk a lot, and follow strict diets. The screen star had to give up sweets and drink a lot of water. In this way, she managed to shed quite a few kilograms.

[Image of Hande Erçel]
Image Source: Screenshot from the series ‘Daughters of Günesh’

Image Source: Screenshot from the series ‘Knock on My Door’ (2020-2021)
Author: Elizaveta Didenko»

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