A girl saved a cat from imminent euthanasia, and within half an hour, the pet showed its gratitude.

In the family of Elena and her husband there was a cat named Sonic. For five years he lived with them, in complete carefree. However, everything changed when Elena had a baby. All care and attention, of course, switched to the infant. The kitty turned out to be a bit neglected. He was not fed as often as he used to be.

One day, when the baby had already learnt to walk, he approached Sonic and pulled his tail sharply. The cat retaliated by hitting the baby in the face with his paw. The baby cried and ran to his mother. Elena saw the scratches on her son’s face and realised the whole situation.

«The cat has become aggressive, we need to deal with this,» the woman thought. She collected Sonic and decided to take him to the vet to be put to sleep. On the landing Elena met her neighbour Anastasia, who had always been an animal lover. She even sometimes fed Sonic when he appeared hungry in the entrance.

The neighbours started talking, and Elena revealed that she intended to put Sonic to sleep. This surprised Anastasia, as she saw the cat as a kind and sweet pet. Nastya offered to put Sonic to sleep.

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