«Prominent Designer Reveals What Will Be in Fashion This Autumn.»

Yana Nedzvetskaya gave some topical tips. We tell you more.

Total look has never gone out of fashion. Especially in beige colours. You should be able to wear such images in which trousers, jacket, waistcoat and shirt practically do not differ from each other in colour. But the highest chic is when the trousers are literally a couple of tones lighter than the jacket. Not the other way round. And the waistcoat of such a suit should be in tone with lighter trousers.

Bar jackets are a new thing, or rather, a long-forgotten old thing. And, of course, no one is going to repeat to the millimetre the hewn jackets from Dior, which the great couturier revealed to the world in 1947 right after the world war. This season the bottom of the jacket is not so wide, but it is emphasised with a belt. И в талии жакеты этой осени не настолько узкие, чтобы дышать с трудом. И, все-таки, жакеты предстоящей осени ближе именно к силуэту bar. А вот цвета вполне традиционные – марсала, нежный какао, вкусный шоколадный, экю и традиционный сумеречно-синий. Жакеты в этом сезоне носим и с юбками, и с брюками.

На несколько сезонов все мы забыли о кардигане. Это осенью дизайнеры нам напомнят о них. Длина кардиганов в этом сезоне фиксируется ниже бедер, но выше колена. Хороши они с эффектными подвязами и мягким поясом , который можно носить на талии, а самым дерзким завязывать галстуком на шее и носить на голое тело, как мини платье, с высокими сапогами.

В этом сезоне будет много самых разных басок. Мы уже успели забыть, что баска – это всегда красивая тонкая талия и силуэт «песочные часы» – женственный и легкий. Баски появились на юбках, брюках и блузках. Достичь такого эффекта можно дополнительными деталями, как у бренда LO на стильных хлопковых блузках-рубашках. Всегда лучше иметь многовариантную рубашку, на которую по желанию на талию можно дополнить длинной баской на поясе. Basques mimicrykrylated into quite complex and stylish additional designs with voluminous pockets, zips, and other quite interesting details.

And also in collections there appeared interesting belts with voluminous detachable pockets, which can be removed if desired. This belt with pockets successfully complements beautiful LO jumpers with lamppas on the sleeves and neck.

Dresses this autumn have not undergone any significant changes — they are still the same variants of the shirt-like loose cut. Except for the fact that there is a comfortable detachable basque or a complicated belt on the dresses. It is good that we will continue to wear dresses of the most comfortable length — midi and midaxi.

And, of course, the most expected, sought-after and spectacular hit of the new autumn is the red colour! It is given by all trend bouquets and style institutes. In Russia, this colour has never stopped being loved. Boldly take out of the chests of your great-grandmothers red crepe and chiffon dresses, decisively cut off their lining — and the new you, in the new trend will get the delight and applause of others.

It’s been a long time since bright coloured tights have been on trend. Everyone’s favourite ’90s dolts and coloured leggings seem to be slowly creeping onto the world’s catwalks again. Luckily, only in solid colours for now. Not a bad trend for those who do not want to spend on clothes and give up their favourite, densely stuffed wardrobe with clothes of past seasons.

By the way, with such tights will look great with another bright trend of this autumn — the style of «Barbie». Mix red and pink colours, experiment with headbands, scarves and cute headbands. Puffy chokers, cute jackets, beautiful jackets — femininity and once again femininity. By the way, this is the style that men love very much. But with this style the main thing is not to overdo it. It is very easily transformed into a style of «urban crazy». And this line is better not to cross.

Buy brightly coloured tights, wear them with a long jumper of large knitting, tighten a rough man’s belt — and a fashionable image for this season you are provided!

Or better to put on a white sweatshirt LO, your favourite tube boots of the past seasons, buy green tights, change the pink nail polish to green — a bold image is ready.

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