«Victoria Makarskaya Visits the Place Where She Experienced Incredible Pain.»

Victoria Makarskaya had a hard time with the departure of her father from the family. This affected her further personal life. She did not want to bind herself with the bonds of marriage.

Victoria and Anton Makarskiy happily married for 24 years. When the couple met, they were not yet famous artists. Their first meeting happened during the casting for the musical «Metro». It is now Victoria and Anton have a happy family with two children. However, this might not have been, since the singer did not plan to create a family. The whole thing is that when her father left the family, this caused her a deep psychological trauma, because of which she was afraid to enter into family life.

Makarskaya didn’t want her children to go through what she went through when dad abandoned the family. She recently visited her hometown and the memories came flooding back. «Today I’m going where I haven’t been for 40 years, to the military town of Myshanka in Belarus. There, when I was ten years old, I went through the most painful and agonising time. My dad left the family and stopped communicating with me. Not at all. Then I firmly decided never to marry, so that my children did not experience such grief,» the artiste shares.

Before Victoria met the love of her life, she deliberately avoided serious relationships and couldn’t trust a man. However, meeting her future husband dramatically changed her outlook on life. «Pokolbashili me in life strongly. I didn’t trust anyone at all. I hated them. I didn’t open up to anyone. And if I hadn’t met my husband, I wouldn’t have married anyone else. I am grateful to my beloved husband — he can not even imagine that it is possible to abandon their children, «- admits Victoria. Anton Makarsky always chooses a family and easily refuses good roles to give as much time as possible to his daughter and son. True, at first the celebrity was worried that the chosen one will not be able to provide for the family.

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