«The cutest photos of cats and dogs that will uplift your mood.»

Animals, like no other, can help you recharge your batteries and relax your soul. Looking at these faces, you are guaranteed to forget about your problems and troubles for a while. «Mimimi» is probably all you’ll be able to say after looking at these photos.

Safety first

«My sister took the cat out for a walk for the first time. We still question whether she enjoyed the experience.»

«This person tried to unlock your phone»

There is a new trainee in the Finnish police force. He will impress you with his cuteness

«We thought we were growing a ficus, but it turned out to be a cat»

First day in the new house

When you’re fluffy and beautiful and don’t think it’s necessary to hide it

The cutest family

— Kitty, where does kindness live? There, man, there

«I was doing a stretch and got interrupted in the most touching way»

A 3-week-old St Bernard puppy tries to howl for the first time

A kitty makes even the most boring office job more enjoyable and fun

«I had a patient with a heart-shaped spot on his nose at the vet clinic today»

Ready for water treatments

Everything is perfect in this picture

«I decided to vacuum the other day.»

«This is my puppy. His tongue is always sticking out of his mouth a little bit.»

«Meet my human, this is my marshmallow.»

«That awkward feeling when your dog is so much prettier than most people you know»

«If I have a soul, it probably looks like this»

Beware. You could drown in those eyes

Next to a friend, the defensive collar stopped seeming so nasty

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