The remarkable love story of Anthony Hopkins, who met his soulmate at the age of 64.

Actor Anthony Hopkins has won the hearts of the public for his long career, outstanding talent and dedication to his profession. His achievement includes being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest Oscar winner.

Our story will cover the way the actor found true love, as well as the impact of his third wife on his life.

Anthony had been married twice before. His first wife, British actress Petronella Barker, became his companion in 1966. From this marriage, a daughter Abigail was born. But after seven years, this union broke up.

The actor’s second marriage to Jennifer Linton, an assistant director, lasted 29 years. However, when they split in 2000, Anthony admitted that he would struggle to reconnect. At that point, he had no idea that he would soon meet his true love.

Anthony Hopkins’ third spouse:

Stella Arroyave worked in an antique shop in Los Angeles. Fate brought her and the actor together a year after her divorce. She was 64 at the time and was going through a difficult time, not looking forward to a romantic relationship.

It was as if Cupid’s arrow struck his heart when Anthony first saw Stella. The actor noted that she seemed to him as if floating above the ground. So began a relationship that made him happy.

The future soulmate of the Hollywood star is from Colombia and moved to New York to pursue her acting dream. She later opened her own antique shop on the west coast. The age difference between Anthony and Stella is 18 years.

In 2003, Anthony and Stella had a modest wedding attended by only 25 guests, which included other Hollywood celebrities. The actor admitted that Stella changed his life dramatically, restoring his faith in women.

A new stage of life:

After his third marriage, Anthony’s life changed radically. He and his spouse now enjoy Colombian music and the national cuisine.

Stella has taught him to look at the world in a positive way, and Anthony emphasises that her generosity is her virtue, not her flaw. He believes Stella is a wise woman capable of taking responsibility for her decisions.

As a result, the actor is in a state of true happiness. At his age, Anthony remains energetic and full of life, which everyone is happy for him.

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