A homeless cat found a home for her kittens in a hockey player’s bag.

While the hockey team was holding practice, a stray cat picked out one of the gym bags for her treasure. Look at this cutie! «We found them on the evening of May 15 before our weekly practice,» said Dan Klein, an amateur hockey player on the South Korean team, the Gwangyang Stray Eagles.

«We kept the windows open so the uniforms would dry faster. That’s how they got in.»

Imagine the players’ amazement when they found four kittens in their locker room!

The men agreed that the young mom should stay no longer than three days. By the way, the cat wasn’t a stranger. «We knew about her that she was a local street cat that lives somewhere near the stadium.»

«The bag belongs to our goalkeeper. It’s always full of equipment in case he has to replace one of the defensive players,» Klein explains.

When the furry mommy saw the hockey players’ movements, she assessed the situation and decided it would be great to get her kids on a sports team.

«I grew up in this country and worked on a farm during my school years. I declare responsibly that she is probably the calmest young cat mom I have ever encountered. Especially among strays,» Klein continues.

The kittens are feeling great, and the players have already taken a liking to the uninvited guests.

«The guys on the team have totally spoiled her with cat food and all kinds of treats,» Klein says.

The kittens stayed in the hockey bag for a couple weeks with their mom, who cared for them tirelessly, and the team provided the pets with food and drink.

On the advice of the players, the elderly gentleman who takes care of the rink recently took the furry family into his home, and he lives just outside the hockey locker room. Now he and his wife look after the cat and the four babies.

The young mom found the gym bag to be the safest thing for the kids. Maybe she knew these guys, hockey players, wouldn’t leave her in the lurch.

And now she’s feeding and licking her babies in a cozy home, next to a loving family!

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