Funny Animals Whose Actions Caught Their Owners by Surprise

Everyone who has pets is in a kind of tension. This is due to the fact that our cute pets can give us an unexpected surprise at any moment. But we still have funny stories for our friends, and sometimes even photos or videos. Our selection is just about such cases.

The case when Pavaroti woke up in the cat, and now he can’t be silenced

«Got up at night to munch in peace and quiet while the whole house is asleep. But didn’t take into account that my dog is a very vigilant sleeper. But he must have fallen asleep very soundly, because he came into the kitchen with his eyes closed, and without even opening them he started begging for a bite.»

«Downloaded myself a new game, but it has so many birds in it, now my cats are entertained»

«Got to work 20 minutes late, I think I’m about to get screwed.»

Это его месть за то что ему не дали поиграть с мячиком для пинг-понга

«Приобрел себе кота. Но не думал что он настолько ко мне привяжется, что будет сопровождать меня повсюду. Так каждое утро я пытаюсь спокойно сходить в туалет, один!»

Столько счастья в их глазах, что даже ругать их жалко

«Got ready to go to bed, went to the bathroom, came back to the room found these marks. Now I’m afraid to go to bed in this room, and in the house in general!»

Evening yoga

Couldn’t find it for a long time

Wanted to have a cuppa but my parrot fell asleep so sweetly

What on earth did they see in there? I’m curious myself, I’m going to go see!

«This dog sits on my neighbor’s balcony every morning when I go to work, and looks at me very judgmentally. What have I done to her?»

Unfortunately for me, this is his favorite spot in the house

Bought my possum a fun new recliner, I think he is very happy with it

«This is how me and my cat play hide and seek, he hid.»

Lemurs love to hug and touch each other. This girl seems to be okay too

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