The breeder initially wanted to get rid of the «imperfect» puppy, but now this dog is a social media sensation.

How can one raise a hand to get rid of a puppy? It’s quite simple when calculation is your driving force, and there are dozens of cute, squeaky bundles around. The Spitz, who will later be named Bert, was born with defects — a big head, a small butt, skinny legs, and the gaze of some kind of intellectual. As they say, «out of sight, out of mind,» but the editorial team learned that Bert’s fate took a dramatic turn!

Today, Bert is already five years old, a tough adult dog who has long outgrown childhood woes. His physical quirks have become his distinctive feature — there are plenty of Spitz dogs in the glamorous world, but Bert is one of a kind! This can be confirmed by his owner, Katie Grayson, who is immersed in the world of high art and has introduced her pet to it. He already has his own hundred followers on Instagram!

Bert is the star of the camera, and he doesn’t need any «typical dog qualities,» precisely because there are many typical dogs, but there are few unique ones like him. It’s his innate photogenic quality, combined with his clumsiness and disproportionality, that have ensured Bert’s success in the eyes of his owner and her colleagues. Posing for him is as natural as walking in the park.

Bert is also the unofficial mascot of his owner’s gallery, where people come, among other things, to admire him. It’s a place to engage with a local art and overall culture connoisseur. But officially employing Bert is out of the question, not because of any laws that prohibit it. It’s simply because, like all dogs, he enjoys loafing around and napping at the most inconvenient times for work.

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